About Us

The story of Casa Kakau began in 2016 when we decided to prepare homemade chocolate from cocoa beans for our son. He is highly allergic to milk and dairy products and for him it had to be milk and animal products free, gluten free, without additives, preserves, stabilizers or other allergens that might compromise his condition. The chocolate turned out to be exceptionally tasty and quality, so we naturally decided to share the original family recipe with more people, who follow natural and healthy diet.

The ”free from” concept is paramount for us, because the creation of the brand itself was a result of the effort to help our child feel normal and enjoy one of the best and healthiest desserts nature has given. The trade mark represents the founding values in every cocoa product. “Casa” embodies the family spirit, that drives and motivates the entire team, while at the same time represents the care, love and precision with which every chocolate is made. “Kakau” comes from the ancient Mayan word for cocoa – “Ka’kau” that states the single origin of the Theobroma cacao we use.

These principles allowed us to become the first Bulgarian bean-to-bar manufacturer that is internationally recognized, with numerous awards from food and chocolate contests in The UK, Denmark, The Netherlands, Hungary and Bulgaria. Today we serve customers in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, UAE, USA, and continue to expand our vision of how to make chocolate pure and better!