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The journey of our chocolate

The journey of our chocolate starts from the cocoa trees of South America. We personally select the farms from which we source our beans and thus make sure the process of fermentation is done in accordance to our specification. Our cocoa is single origin, slowly fermented from 5 to 7 days in wooden boxes. The drying process uses only natural sunlight in order for the cocoa to obtain the finest flavor and reduce the carbon footprint we leave on nature. We are a direct trader. This allows us to negotiate and pay the Fairtrade amount for every farmer. Furthermore, it assures no child labour was used, no illegal practices were performed and the right investments were made to secure sustainability and growth for new cocoa trees for the community our core ingredient comes from.
Upon arrival, the cocoa is stored in dry and protected environment to maximum preserve the aroma and flavor characteristics. Our entire manufacturing facility is driven by solar energy and utilizes electric saving equipment throughout the entire production process. It starts with hand sorting. This process is time consuming and labour intensive, but assures the best result for quantitative and qualitative sorting, which no machine can match. Here we not only separate foreign objects (such as small sticks, pebbles, leaves, etc.), but categorize the individual cocoa beans in accordance with their quality. Only the best quality beans are put in the chocolate.
After careful roasting at low temperature, the cocoa beans are winnowed and placed in stone melangers. There they are grinded and conched for up to 72 hours. We pay special attention to this process as it is one of the most important steps for refining cocoa into chocolate. The more time it spends in melagers, the finest the chocolate would be. True art starts when the tempered chocolate is poured into molds. At that moment inclusions are added by hand, giving a unique artistic impression of every bar. Last, but very important are inspection and wrapping. Again, done by hand, every piece of finished chocolate is inspected and placed in individually boxed, labeled for every customer and occasion.



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