Craft, Bean-to-bar Chocolate with Gourmet Espresso

This is an original family recipe of bean-to-bar chocolate. Stone grinded and matured, it follows the old traditional ways of
chocolate making. To it, we add the specialty (gourmet) coffee, which is freshly roasted in Bulgaria under the careful supervision
of barista professionals for achieving exceptional aromatic and taste profile. The gourmet selections are rare and tasteful varieties of coffee, grown in particular geographic regions, brought to you to enjoy our special gourmet espresso chocolate.

Vegan! Gluten Free! Lecithin Free! Palm Oil Free!

Huehuetenango is the best coffee growing region in Guatemala. It has citrus acidity, accompanied by the taste of maple, orange and milk chocolate, in addition to an extremely sweet aroma.

The name of the Huehuetenango region is translated as "Place of the Ancients" or "Place for Successors". Here are the highest non-volcanic mountains in Central America, which is a very good factor in growing coffee. This is the reason why the region is fully focused on producing one of the most remarkable coffee in the world.

Region: Huehuetenango Los Lauretes
Elevation: 1,500-2,000m
Method: wet
Harvesting: January to April

100% Arabica
Fragrance: 5/5
Body: 3/5
Intensity: 3/5
Baking Method: Medium

Ingredients: cocoa beans directly sourced from Ecuador, brown cane sugar, cocoa butter, specialty coffee.
Cocoa solids min. 64%
Net weight: 70 gr.