NEW - Bean to bar drinking chocolate with ginger

We are proud to offer you an exquisite combination of irresistible bean-to-bar drinking chocolate and
ginger. Ginger is highly priced due to its medicinal and culinary qualities. We would like to warm
and energize you with this exceptional product. The drinking chocolate dates back to the mythical rituals of
Mayans and Aztecs. Casa Kakau's drinking chocolate is made from selected cocoa beans and brown cane
sugar as centuries ago when it was introduced to royalties across Europe. This pure, 100% natural product
does not contain lecithin, hydrogenated or palm oil, gluten or other artificial substances.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans from Ecuador, brown cane sugar, ginger powder.
Cocoa solids min. 70%
Net weight: 200 gr.

How to prepare it using an espresso machine:
Add 2 spoons of drinking chocolate to approximately 140 ml milk/water. Whisk vigorously. Heat it with
the steam wand of the espresso machine to melt the chocolate. Pour it hot into a cup or mug. Video demonstration you can watch here.

How to prepare it over a hot plate:
Аdd 2 spoons of drinking chocolate in a small saucepan. Carefully melt the chocolate to prevent it
from overcooking. Add approximately 140 ml. of milk, water or vegan milk and whisk vigorously.
Pour it hot into a mug. Spices that go along with this recipe are chili, pink peppercorn or cinnamon.